Posted by: winteridge | August 27, 2009

You are elected, er, appointed, er, nominated…

Whether or not you feel NY Guv Paterson is doing his job, and most polls indicate that most of us say no, ya just gotta feel sorry for the guy. After all, he didn’t ask for the job, wasn’t elected to it, fell into it by accident. Why, he even admitted to his own “indiscretions”, like his former boss.   That didn’t work.   And he gets little help from his legislature in getting  his job done.

Consider this: shortly after the Governor took office, US Senator Hillary Clinton left her job, Paterson was called upon to name a replacement. Was he able to call for a special election, as MA will do for Senator Kennedy? No, he had to point the finger himself. A short while later, our Congressman McHugh from Upstate NY was called upon by President Obama for higher office. Does the Guv have to make another appointment? No, well, this time we will call a special election.  Maybe.  This being a much more important position than US Senator, the people should have a say in hiring their congressman, right?

Can you see why your governor is confused? Why, when he noticed that New York no longer had a Lieutenant Governor (Oh, yeah, that was me!), and the NY law had no provision to elect or appoint one, just in case, he naturally felt he had the right to appoint someone, anyone, to that office? I for one am certainly confused by our confusing laws, or lack of same. Surely there is some reason for these inconsistencies in replacing duly elected officials?  Surely someone knows?  And don’t even get me started on the NY Legislature!



  1. And now our poor misunderstood governor finds that he will need to be elected next year if he wants to remain in the job he has done so well. Perhaps he thought he could just be approved by the NY Legislature (which doesn’t approve anything). If he does put his name in the hat, that +-20% approval rating might be a factor, unless he can get someone like Estrada to oppose him. Better listen to the President.

  2. To make matters worse, the guv delivered to the taxpayers a bill for $1 million in legal fees to determine whether or not he could have a Lt Guv. Couldn’t our Attorney General do that? Doesn’t he have a legal background? Oh well, a million here, a mil there, NY has unlimited funds, Right?

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