Posted by: winteridge | September 16, 2009

The Hunting Sport is for The Rich


Thanks again, Guv Paterson.  At least I can say I didn’t vote for you.  Well, actually, nobody did.  Thanks to your latest round of “Fee” increases, this Fall, after over 50 years of not missing a deer season (except for a couple of years “hunting” with my Uncle Sam), I get to sit this one out.  At least one poor little Bambi gets a reprieve for another year.

After I turned 65 a few years back, I was able to afford a hunting license once more, even on my meager Social Security budget.  Only $5 for a Senior Citizen license.  I’m not sure which governor started that, but a sincere thank you to him from all us Seniors.  I’m told it was actually free at one time.  But as of October 1 this year, that license fee will double to $10, (yes, a 100% increase), and the Senior age limit goes up to 70.  Nothing like helping out the Seniors-right, Guv? Even worse, since I am over 65 but not quite 70, my permits to hunt this year, if I could afford them, would cost a whopping $98, according to my local Town Clerk.  Is this really necessary?

So yes, I do believe I will have to sit this one out.  You won’t be getting even $5 for the “General Fund” from me.  Oh yes, if I am feeling up to it in October, I will probably join the gang at hunting camp as usual: have a few laughs and some good food; but my hunting will all be done with my camera.  I can hang around camp, cook breakfast, keep the coffee pot going, maybe wander out and take some Fall photos.  It sure will be different.  Thanks again, governor.

And don’t even get me started on driver license and registration fees!  Ya really know how to hit the unemployed and fixed income folks where it hurts the most!  Have you not heard that Seniors no longer receive “cost-of-living” pay increases?  Shouldn’t you hold the line on cost-of-living expense increases too?  Where is all that stimulus money now?  Just can’t wait until you and your do-nothing legislature run for reelection.



  1. Well, they did always call it the sport of kings.

    You could always shoot them with a camera. But you know that will be the year a giant delicious buck runs by.

  2. Ridiculous. DEC talks about controlling the deer population and then the State goes and jacks up the cost of hunting.

    This is not the time to drive people away from a sport that’s already losing popularity.

  3. Thanks, Rob. My own theory is that number of hunters is not dropping, but the number of those buying licenses is… I should note that the lovely and helpful Van Buren Town Clerk suggested that I could purchase a “lifetime” license for a mere $50. So that would be a, what, 1000% increase? Who knows how many more years I will hunt? Friends say I should just forget to buy any licenses, since the budget cuts have also affected the Conservation Officers. Rumor has it the last CO seen in the woods on Tug Hill was in 1994. I have never seen one. And the salmon are running!
    In all fairness, I just read that the Guv plans to drastically cut funding to aid for the disabled, so I can’t really complain. At least he is feeling the effect of the cutback too. Just so long as we balance the NY budget, right?

  4. So good to hear that our illustrious President of the whole USA, Barack Obama, agrees with the majority of New Yorkers on Governor Paterson’s abilities to govern New York. One has to wonder what we were thinking when we elected Gov Paterson…oh, yeah, that’s right: we didn’t elect him.

  5. Just read a report of a 2-year study done on Lake Ontario/Salmon River salmon fishing. It seems numbers of fishermen and revenues are dwindling, while numbers of DEC officers rise. Experts cannot understand why. Duhhh! Fishermen have been harassed, arrested, fined, and taxed to the point where most have just said F**k it! I’m not going back! Not worth the cost and the hassle. Most fishermen I know have given it up. And the salmon just die anyway after spawning: why not let the fishermen take a few?

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