Posted by: winteridge | October 11, 2009

Peace and War

So glad to see our President Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but aren’t you confused as to why?  Is it the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, or is he about to bring peace somewhere we haven’t heard about yet? And why didn’t our beloved G.W. Bush qualify for that great prize?

With our beleaguered President pondering which way to go in Iraquistan, I feel it is time to share some of my own military expertise here. While I am not a retired expert general, I did serve proudly with the US Army for 3 years in the Great Cold War, with a Good Conduct Medal and a Cold War Commendation, and I have been an interested observer of all our “Hot” wars for the past 70 years, especially when my own brother and other relatives were involved. It is time for a change of strategy. We cannot expect to win any war if we let the enemy make all the rules.  Period.  And we need to read some history books.

Most military experts agree that we would not have gotten involved in Vietnam if we had consulted and listened to the French before we were “attacked”.  How many lives and how much money would have been saved if we had just given Vietnam the tire plants, windmill and textile factories they now have and gone about our business?  Why not help them out before we destroy them?

The same applies in Afghanistan.  Have we, in the past 8 years, even once asked the Russians for their expertise and experience in destroying that desolate country?  They learned the hard way before us.  What, indeed, is our purpose there?  Is it something more than the opium?  Is there anything left to destroy?

I feel we need to redesign our current ineffective war machine for the future, maybe bring in some Israeli generals and use their expertise.  Israel is the master of the quick strike; the 7-day war, none of this 9-year or 100-year nonsense.  We should be able to choose our target, hit them with everything we have (well, short of the nukes)-bombs, troops, superior firepower-and then get out and move on to battle the next oppressed nation.  In fact, in most cases we could do our bombing and destruction with unmanned missiles from the safety of our own home bases.  Then just bring in our oil experts and economic development teams to rebuild that destroyed nation to our specifications while we destroy the next one.  If, perhaps, we are unable to get the job done in one week, the UN can be standing by to end things peacefully, as they do with Israel.  Bring the troops home quickly and safely!

Ours is a lofty goal- to bring freedom, peace, and prosperity to the world, whether they want it or not, but we just do not have the manpower and resources to wage war in multiple nations at the same time for prolonged periods, especially when we let those nations set the rules.  It is time to modernize.  Let the 7-Day War be our goal.



  1. Recently our esteemed ambassador Hillary asked this week’s Afghan President to take on a bigger role in the war for their freedom. His response: This is not our war. This is your war. We would prefer that you leave. I hope Hilly discusses this with President Obama before he decides how many more troops to send in. Declare the war won, even without BinLaden, and move on.

  2. Just saw a clip of my hero “shotgun” cheney accusing Obama of “dithering” over the Afghan war. He then explained that he had held a planning session for the war in the fall of 2008 to find a strategy, and, wait, that is only 7 years AFTER we invaded Afghanistan? What IS dithering?
    And remember, we elected him-twice.

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