Posted by: winteridge | December 12, 2009

Afghan Mission

Did anyone happen to catch President Obama’s Surge speech the other night?  The Man can talk.  Nothing new or unexpected there, except for the possible deadline on the war, but I sure enjoyed his discussion.  It does seem odd, though, his speech discussing expanding the war, just before his speech accepting a Peace Prize.  Seems it would be easy to get them confused.  He really shouldn’t mind, though, if we have to stay in Afghanistan more than 10 years.  After all, we have been occupying Germany over 60 years, and Korea over 50.  We do have staying power as a World Power.

After hearing some of the experts suggest that it costs our government $1 million to keep one soldier in Afghanistan for a year, though, I do have some ideas on that subject that might ease the strain on our federal “budget”.  The Prez is understandably reluctant to ask Americans to contribute a larger tax on their unemployment benefits to finance our freedom fighters, but what about all those fortunates who still have money?  Why not hit up some of his new Wall Street friends, Health insurance leaders, Auto execs, even some members of congress-have them each throw in a $million or so to support a soldier for a year, maybe adopt a catchy slogan like “Adopt a Warrior”.  Most of them wouldn’t miss the money, and it would help the cause.  And that, for those folks, would be almost like paying taxes, just as the rest of us do.

Here is another thought: a Million Dollars is a lot of money to finance one soldier.  How about investing something less than that on mercenary soldiers to carry out the war?  Seems we could hire some experienced fighters; maybe Hessians, Somalis, Iraqis, Russians, gosh, maybe even professionals from BlackWater/Halliburton, for much less than $1 Million a year.  Maybe the Afghans would even help us out for that kind of money.

These are just some quick ideas, of course, we would have to get our Congressmen to really discuss and develop them.  Maybe now that they have a healthcare plan, and have almost decided on a college football playoff plan, they might have some time to devote to finding another $30 Billion each year for the war.  I hope my ideas help.



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