Posted by: winteridge | December 22, 2009

Hoofy’s Christmas Song

Around the Tug, The resident known as “Hoofy” is, well, Hoofy is Hoofy.  A legend in his own mind.  Hoofy is our neighbor, and a unique personality if ever there was one.  Here is an excerpt from one of Hoofy’s Christmas songs:  (If I can make it copy.)  Ready?

Hoofy’s Christmas Carol



  1. I followed you here from your Leek Soup receipe on Beekman. We are indeed close neighbors! I am on the Moren road, second left after Steinmacher Road off Gardner. My business is Barb’s Organic Garden, and you may be one of my customers at the Lowville Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. I haven’t seen Hoofy for years, but I met him through Barb McDougall and Frenchie Enslow, before they sold their place at the corner of Eagle Factory and Gardner Rds., and moved to the Roanoke area. Ironically, they moved because they hated the windmills so much, but they sold the place to them.

    • Hi Barb: Yes, I am very familiar with your place. We used to do a lot of fishing on Moren Road. Drank moonshine with Frenchy at Hoofy’s a couple of times. My brother Jim actually has the family farm now, but I and the remaining brothers visit when we can. I have not actually tried that recipe yet-waiting for some wild leeks, as the huge ones are not the same. Thanks for the advice. We will give it a try. Yes, we do stop at the market when we can, I will look for you. I buy some great jams & jellies there.

      John H Northrup visit us at or:

  2. I notice the time of my post reads 3:13 PM, but it is now actually 11:13 AM.

  3. Still can’t get the link to the Christmas Carol to work. May have to get Hoofy to record it again.

  4. Barb – Somehow my time zone got set on Timbuctu. Do not know how these things happen. Sunday my buttons to post or update my blogs just disappeared. Why would anyone NOT want to post a blog after writing it? Luckily my daughter came to my rescue again.

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