Posted by: winteridge | January 30, 2010

Change We Can Believe In?

With our Supreme Court’s recent decision on allowing corporations to openly provide financial support to their favorite politician(s), our government has taken a huge step forward toward honesty and openness in politics.  Not sure if President Obama had anything to do with this change (or was it President Bush’s astute Supreme Court picks?).  At last our President, our Congress, and our Supreme Court are all openly in agreement as to who is financially influencing the operation of the government-and they like it that way.  “Big Business” can now openly choose a potential president or congressman, such as a G.W. Bush, finance the enormous cost of his rise to greatness, then sit back secure in the knowledge that he will make the “right” decisions during his stay in power.  But, But, you may say, isn’t that happening now?  Isn’t that what we have seen with the Great Healthcare Plan?  With the Great Wall Street Bailout?  Well, yes, but up to now it all took place behind closed doors, and was considered illegal, and possibly immoral as well.  Now it is all about truth and honesty in government.  Of course, the results will still be the same for most of us, but, hey, we wanted the truth.  Now it remains to be seen if we can handle the truth.



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