Posted by: winteridge | May 19, 2010

Sunday Bean Soup

OK, OK, after a deluge of requests from bean soup lovers, I am sharing with you Grampa Northrup’s Sunday Bean Soup recipe.  (That is him above with his farm horses.)  You can try them both and let me know what you think.


2 lb Great Northern Beans – clean and soak overnight.
1 bunch celery – chopped
3 medium onions – diced
1 lb smoked bacon – diced
5-6 quarts of water
3-4 medium carrots – diced
pepper and salt to taste

add all ingredients in a large pot and heat to boiling.  Simmer about 3 hours, or until carrots and celery are done.

Serves about 12.  Serve with hot biscuits or homemade bread.



  1. I have improved(?) upon this over the years by using diced ham instead of bacon. Personal choice. I recently tried using a meaty hambone and cooking the soup in a crockpot, removing the bone and trimming off the meat after a couple of hours. For me, this is perfection, but still experimenting. I mostly love the smell of the crockpot cooking all day.

  2. Don’t remember Pa putting carrots in it, I make this occasionally.

  3. maybe he didn’t. I disremember some things. I mostly add carrots for color. try it in the crockpot…Best I ever had!

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