Posted by: winteridge | May 24, 2010

No News…

I always used to look forward to getting up on Sunday morning and reading the local paper, but lately I have almost lost interest.  I can predict what the top news items will be, only the names will change.

At least one local teenager, about to graduate high school, killed himself in an auto accident.  At least 2 young men or women shot or stabbed in the city, protecting their turf.  At least one politician exposed in a lie.  At least one employee, public or private, caught embezzling money.  Sometimes it seems the media has a form for happenings – they just have to fill in the names and dates. So sad.

Especially the young people.  There should be a class in every school just to teach them that they are NOT invincible.  That death is final, and it lasts forever, for eternity.  Even if there is an after-life, and they get to spend eternity strolling on a cloud or cavorting with 21 virgins or whatever, they are no longer alive.   Ever.

And if so many of our young people are intent on warring and shooting each other without reason, can’t we get them to join the military, where they can do it right and be paid for killing?  What a senseless waste of young lives.  At least they could be defending their country and their families.

Maybe I have lived too long, and seen too much.


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