Posted by: winteridge | September 1, 2010


I guess I don’t really have anything new to add here regarding the Tug Hill Maple Ridge Wind Farm, but I wanted to post one of my newest windmill sunset photos for your enjoyment.

Sunset on The Tug

Sunset on The Tug

Actually the windfarm is going along well.  None of the towers have fallen or caught fire, at least none that I have heard of.  New York has restored all the “Empire Zone” credits and incentives to the windmill company, so they will resume payments to the landowners and local governments, and all is well. I have not heard that they will actually create any local jobs, but one can hope.

It would be nice if the local towns, such as Martinsburg, Harrisburg, and Lowville, would spend some of that windmill money to improve local roads.  It would even make sense if the windfarm people would pave some of the roads, or put gravel on them.  After all, they, as well as local residents, will be traveling these roads for maybe 20 more years, bumping over bumps and bouncing through potholes.  Maybe they make enough money so they don’t notice a bit of serious jouncing.  Hopefully, paving is in somebody’s plans…some day.

I did read that a Lowville employee was charged for embezzling $250000 or so recently, so apparently someone is making use of all that windmill money.  Wouldn’t you think someone would notice?

Anyway, enjoy.


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