Posted by: winteridge | October 20, 2010


Here it is already, just a couple of weeks from the National elections, and, let’s face it, 2 more years of the same.  The negative “Yes, I’m a crook, but my opponent is an even bigger crook” political ads overwhelm us, and we are almost ready to tune them all out and just pull the lever for a familiar name.  More of the same.  And why can’t they put the political infomercials on the paid programming channels that no one ever, ever watches?  Why can’t just one candidate give us at least 30 seconds of WHY we should vote for HIM?  He must have some ideas?  And why do all the news media rail all year about the dirty politics in Albany and the dysfunctional, criminal representatives, then, just before the elections, endorse most of the incumbents, with a reason like: “He has the experience we need”?  Come on! What KIND of experience?

I have for many years followed a policy of voting against every incumbent and encouraging others to do the same: sometimes it works…unless he/she is running unopposed, as many are this year.  In that case, shouldn’t voters have a “NONE of the above” option?

This is the problem we face next month in the NY Assembly’s 124th District (I know, take a minute to look it up and see if that includes you) where Will Barclay (R-I-C) is again unopposed.  Now Will is a nice guy from a nice family, but what has he done in Albany?  None of the things he has promised us in the past.  Politics as usual, and he goes along with it.  Yet no one dares run against him.  I have waited and waited, almost down to the wire, for another candidate to step up, but alas, no.

Therefore, as a resident of the 124th, I am tossing my hat in the ring as a write-in option for those who do not wish to send Will back to Albany.  Cast your vote for: JOHN H. NORTHRUP.  My platform will be simply: I am not the incumbent!  I am retired, a veteran, and able to devote all my time to representing you.  I will refuse bribes, lobby donations, and pork barrel entitlements.  I will work to reform the dysfunctional NY State government.  I will work to lower property taxes, cut spending, and all those other issues my opponent ignores.  I offer you a choice!

And, if you are not in my district, please VOTE, and vote against anyone now in office, even if his is the only name you can identify.  Give some new blood a chance.  Can it possibly be worse?



  1. You have my vote!

  2. And thanks to all who have offered financial support, but I must go this alone. No nasty TV ads, no ugly posters, I am just going to be there as an option, a better option, beholden to no one.

  3. Plus, you will be able to save the taxpayers money by staying with your daughter while in town. We’ll make up a dog bed for you.

  4. But the Best Western wants me back!
    Has anyone noticed any propaganda from Wil Barclay, telling us all that he has accomplished in Albany and how he plans to clean things up? Not me! He is keeping low profile, know that he needs 1 vote to be re-elected. I say: Send him home to the salmon fishery.

  5. Sorry, I can’t agree with your solution, however much I agree about the problem. It’s like burning down the barn because it’s gotten infested with rats. All you get from that is a bunch of dead cows and a big hole in the ground. Just when you think the politicians can’t get any worse half the new candidates turn up looney. Better to examine each one separately and make a thoughtful choice. Me, I’m not voting for anyone who threatens to “take out” his opponents , or suggests “second amendment remedies” against other politicians she disagrees with. And no witches, please.

  6. But Barb: The classic definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different, better result. If we keep sending the same people to represent us, knowing that they do not represent us but their special interests, we can expect no improvement. Where is the incentive to cast out the “3 men in a room”; to install term limits; to install ethics reforms; to remove entitlements; to refrain from giving themselves pay increases? Voting out the incumbents is the only way to send a message that the public will not tolerate legislative dysfunction any longer. Otherwise we are doomed to what we now have…or worse.

  7. There’s actually a pretty good turnover in Congres. Automatic term limits deprives us of the good ones as well as the bad. That’s called throwing out the baby with the bath. Plenty of people would have given Reagan a third term, and plenty would have voted Clinton in again (though maybe not the same ones). After all, if Regan had gotten a third term we never would have had Bush I and therefore we never would have had Bush II. We’ve had the system we have for over two hundred years, and I for one like it better than any other country’s I’ve seen. I don’t feel crazy at all. Do the hard work to vote the bad ones out, but don’t throw them all out just because it’s too much trouble to distinguish between them.

  8. I must apologize: I have seen at least 2 Chuck Schumer campaign ads where he just talks about himself and what he wants to do for me. Sounds good. Not sure if he has an opponent, but he still has my vote.

  9. WAIT! Stop the Presses! I just went to vote, as my civic duty, and imagine my surprise to discover that since my recent move, I no longer reside or vote in Will’s District. Or maybe they redistricted us again. Anyway, should I win on your write-in votes, and the results are still too-close-to-call, I will promise to move back across the river and serve you well. Perhaps I will move to Pulaski and start a salmon fishing lodge…I hear the DEC may have one for sale soon. One of my elderly neighbors tried to vote and was rejected 4 times because she refused to vote for either choice available, and they told her she HAD to vote for someone. I still like the NOTA option: see how folks really feel. The silly season goes on and on!

    • Nobody has to vote for anybody. If she didn’t want to vote for someone, in what way was she rejected? I used to be an election inspector, and I can assure you if she didn’t want to vote, she didn’t have to vote.

  10. Of course this is a moot point now, as Mario Jr in New York’s newest governor, as we all expected, but did you hear about the HUGE Paladino scandal, where investigative reporters found that Carl may be (Gasp!) harboring an unlicensed dog? Can you imagine anyone with a mind that devious being elected our governor? How could he even consider running, with skeletons like that in his closet? The Shame! The Dishonesty! The Duplicity!

  11. Barb, you must have been involved in the old lever days. Now you have to black out a little circle, like in kiddiegarten, in every group, and stay within the lines. If a choice is blank, your ballot rejects. Hey, I would have written in my name or some other fool, but this poor lady is 96. I hope they are still working on the system.

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  13. Thanks, Mom. Hope it is still not too late for you.

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