Posted by: winteridge | November 5, 2010


Heard about a GW Bush interview, secondhand, where the interviewer asked George (George is pushing his “memoirs”) if he had regrets about invading Iraq, and his answer was, “No, they had to be punished for killing 3000+ Americans on 9/11”  See how easy history is re-written?  When the interviewer asked what accomplishment GW was proudest of, his reply was “The Iraqi Surge, which brought about the end of that war”…though GW felt he did not get proper credit for it.  His interviewer then asked: Wouldn’t that be like giving an arsonist credit for putting out a fire that he had started?  George paused, said “What?  No!  What do you mean?”

I am still searching for the actual interview, though I do not disbelieve it.  It should be classic.  I may even read his book.



  1. The Bush-Cheney administration has been claiming this since day one. No matter how many people refute it, they still keep on with it. Saddam Husein was responsible, or at least complicit in 9/11. It’s still not true, but they will keep on publishing claims that it is until the rest of us get tired of explaining the truth. Similar repeated lies:
    Obama raised taxes (almost half the hated stimulus was middle class tax cuts)
    Health care reform will increase the deficit (in fact it will decrease the deficit by some $136 billion over ten years)
    Health care reform cut medicare benefits (in fact those savings were achieved not by cutting Medicare benefits to Seniors, but by cutting some of the miore egregious subsidies and rakeoffs to the insurance companies)
    Global warming is a myth, so the oil companies should be able to do whatever they want (all legitimate scientists agree that time is fast approaching the point of no return before which we can still help lessen the worst effects)
    This recent election shows that misinformation is succeeding, and we can only hope the fickle electorate will “throw the bums out” next time, when they don’t get everything they think they want in two years.

  2. More and more I think you have the right idea, Barb: move back into the woods and try to get away from all the “Alice in Wonderland” of politics.
    I just noticed on a Lowville site that you sell homemade bread and fresh eggs and such. I will have to let the guys at camp know: we are always running down to wallyworld for supplies.
    Just noticed an interesting blog you might like. Have to check if they have any of my recipes:

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. Welcome! But soon you will need 4-wheel drive, and after that a snow sled to get in here. I have a very long driveway and I don’t plow it. But come if you can. My eggs are certified organic, so they cost $3.25/doz. Honey is not organic, but you have to be surrounded by a 25 mile radius of empty or certified organic farmland to certify your honey. I still have a few apples, Empire and Cortland(I think) and sometimes there’s bread and sometimes not. Right now I’m out of yeast, and it’s on my list for next time I go to town.
    Even if you don’t want any of these, do come for a visit. Right along about February the winter gets pretty old, and company is just the thing.

  4. Update for 2011:
    No more homemade bread, only a little honey left, I didn’t renew my Organic Certification ($575.00 just to renew it!) and I don’t go to the Lowville Farmer’s Market anymore. But I still have eggs (1.50/dozen now) and there’s always a little of this or that for sale from my much smaller garden. I’m still organic, just not certified. Don’t have to be if I sell less than $5,000 per year.

  5. As to the putative Bush interview, I heard that quote too, and I also don’t remember exactly who did the interview. But why are we even talking about him? Now we’ve got Perry. Texas just keeps on turning them out, doesn’t it? But we musn’t paint with a broad brush. After all, Texas gave us LBJ, Barbara Jordan, Molly Ivens…

  6. Dang, you know, I forgot about you, Barb. Sorry. I was up last week for a few days and ran out of eggs and did not want to drive to Lowville, so I suffered without for a couple days. Tough to get old and lose brain cells. I guess we have to put a note on the fridge-do you have cards?
    Hope all is well with you. I picked some blackberries and a few wild hucks, did some painting, and had a nice vacation.
    I came down your road a month or so when I was up, returning from Montague. Man, that upper end is rough! ATV country.
    Yes, they say Perry is not a Bush clone, but if you close your eyes and listen… Didn’t you wonder what was going on down there in Crawford? Awfully quiet.

  7. Yes, I do have a card. It still says “Barb’s Organic Garden”, but it doesn’t say Certified, so I can still use them. But the egg labels now read “Barb’s Hen House”. Not very original. Hope it’s not too cute. I hate cute.

  8. I will have to stop & visit next time I am up. I love honey too. Just bought a pound of local buckwheat honey which is great! I’ll tell my 2 bros. Do I remember that you had a website too?

  9. I did have a website, but I guess it kind of died. Much more fruitful were several listings I was in for organic and/or local food. I also had a listing for garlic that got to a wider group of folks. In my best garlic year I sold 250 plounds at $5 lb. I found out you can mail up to 70 lbs of just about anything, so I sent 50## bags through the post office. Cost a between $20 and $25 to mail them. Cheap, huh?

  10. I just added this weblog to my rss reader, great stuff. Can’t get enough!

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