Posted by: winteridge | November 16, 2010

Deja Vu DeWeese?

What to Do?  What to do?  Today’s version.  Not to bore anyone with details, but I once had a neat little Marbles Dall Deweese stag handle hunting knife, vintage 1911, that I found in a garage sale.  I carried it afield for many years, then found that it was collectible and sold it on ebay for a handsome profit.  You can find my story somewhere on my blog if you care to.  Anyway, I just found a Marbles replica, made in 2003, for sale on ebay for $100.  Stag handles too.  I miss that little knife.  Do I want another one?   Do I need another one?  I rarely hunt or camp much anymore.  What to do?  I miss that little knife.  Maybe I could take up whittling in my retirement.



  1. Update: I did purchase a replica Dall Deweese with a wood handle. did not like that, so I sold it. Now I just found a hand-forged replica Damascus blade on ebay, for which I am building my own antler stag handles. Sounds easy enough, right? Like most projects, easy enough if you have the right tools. I do not. A real challenge.

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