Posted by: winteridge | January 2, 2011

Ebay for Fun and Profit

For Fun & Profit

Actually our experience with Ebay selling over the past 6 years has been more fun than profit.  We are retired, enjoy playing on the internet, and got into ebay pretty much by accident.  We were having a big garage sale, and our daughter was home from college.  She asked if she could sort out a few of the t-shirts we were trying to sell for 50 cents, and first thing we knew she had taken photos and listed them on ebay, and was selling them for $10-15 each.  Hmmmm.

So with her help, we got started in ebay selling, with clothing, books, knives, and things we had around the house.  We needed a digital camera, so we looked for things we could sell to raise some money for a camera.  I had a collection of books and hunting knives, so we sold some of those.  We got into buying t-shirts, books, and jerseys at garage sales, thrift stores, library book sales, wherever.  It is fun to list an item you have paid a buck or so for and watch the bids climb to $10, 20, even higher.  We use the proceeds for our bingo fund.

There have been some remarkable successes over the years.  I had a hunting knife I bought for fifty cents at a garage sale, used it for 20 years, and sold it for $900.  We have bought shirts for $1 and sold them as high as $100.  I sold a collectible hunting book for $200, then found another copy for $2 and sold it for $325.  An old empty shotgun sell box sold for $95.  Those make it interesting.

Ebay selling is not difficult, if one follows their rules, and knows the basics of computers.  We take our own photos, upload them to our server, then use them on the auction listing.  Before listing an item, we like to research similar ones that have sold or are selling.  We never copy another seller’s listing information or photos.  Good clear pictures and a good description are very important, as well as details on shipping cost, payment methods, etc.  For example, if you tell bidders that you accept cash, ebay will cancel your auction.  Not allowed.  Paypal costs a little more, but works best for buyer and seller.

Give it a try, and have fun.

And that is Just My Opinion.



  1. I keep reading about all the wonderful things that people do with ebay, and I keep saying I ought to try it. But I once listed a book there, and even though it didn’t sell I had to pay them some $7.00. So now I stick with Amazon, and have sold many books there. You only have to pay them if you sell it, and the buyers pay for the shipping. It’s not auction. You set the price and if the item doesn’t sell you can lower it and keep the listing as long as you want.
    When my father came to live with me for his last two years one of the saddest things for me to get was that nobody wanted his books. They reflected a lifetime of reading, but it was HIS reading. So most of them went to the Salvation Army. Now I am trying to relieve my children of that part of the grieving by selling off the books I know they won’t want. I have pretty well gone through my mother’s books, although she sold most of them herself before she died.

  2. What kind of books do you have, Barb? I might be interested, as I am somewhat of a collector. I like old local interest books, like Adirondacks, Tug Hill, etc, and hunting books. You might try also for selling, they charge less than amazon, and are easier to work with. I think they also put their listings on ebay no charge.
    We have been out of ebay selling for a year or so-people just not buying. I have some books, knives, etc I would like to sell, but have been waiting…
    How is the snow on The Tug? I believe we have had more in CNY. Do you have a snowmobile?

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