Posted by: winteridge | October 7, 2011

We Apologize For Any Inconvenience

As a retired person living on social security benefits and a modest part-time income (my “Wealth Manager” managed away most of my IRA), I consider myself pretty low on the radar of the IRS.  Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from that service demanding that I pay back my 2010 “Stimulus Payment”, which was a whopping $150.  Their explanation was that I was ineligible for a 2010 stimulus credit as I received one in 2009.  (Yes, you’re right, our President Obama gave us one in BOTH years.)  I had calculated my tax return using a very popular tax software, used worldwide and even endorsed by IRS.  I called TurboTax and they confirmed that I should have earned the credit, and it was calculated correctly.

Of course, I immediately called IRS at the number listed on their letter, and after only a 42-minute wait, explained the situation, and the gentleman agreed with me, but explained that he had access to none of my records, he could not help me, and that I should write to his office, sending copies of all my documents, and meantime he would put a “Hold” on my charge.  (If they do not have my documents, how do they determine that I don’t deserve a Stimulus?)  Oh, well.  I did as he said.  And exactly why is HE there anyway?

In due time, I received a nice letter saying they would investigate my case, but it might take a few months, and meantime I could repay the credit to avoid interest and penalties.  I chose to let it ride. 

Over the next few months, I received monthly reminders of my overdue obligation, with added fees.  I wrote back each time, reminding them that their own Operations Manager in their own office was investigating my cause, and they might check in with her.  Then another letter, saying it might take a few more months, as the office had a very heavy caseload to investigate.  Can you guess why?

Finally came the letter I hoped for, that IRS will be “adjusting” my Form 1040 for 2010 and stopping any further notices, but just in case, disregard these notices, and they do apologize for my inconvenience.  It will be interesting to read their explanation, which I may receive within four to six weeks.  I don’t even recall what I did with my Economic Stimulus…filled my gas tank maybe.

I guess they have to try to make up that $4 trillion deficit somewhere.



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  2. Just got another IRS letter saying they have not explained their charge as they have not had time to investigate my account. Does that mean someone charged me without investigating? This may not be over yet…

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