Posted by: winteridge | May 7, 2012

Spring Tonic

Now that the snow has departed and things are starting to get green, I need to get back to The Tug and look for some leeks, or ramps, or wild onions, as some call them.  Spring tonic.  Old-timers always said a batch of leeks would cleanse the blood (and sometimes the digestive system) and clear out all the winter impurities.  I love to clean leeks and eat them raw and fresh like scallions, or use them in a soup or salad.  Visit most bar/restaurants in the North Country in season, and you will find leeks on the bar in a glass of water, a Spring accent for your cold beer.

Sometime in the past, maybe last year, I published on this blog a great leek soup recipe, if you are interested.  It could also be done with the garden variety, but wild leeks are, well, wild.  Give it a try.



  1. I should warn everyone, though, that although this recipe is great, there is a possibility of an after-effect of some gaseous intestinal problems. Worth it.

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