Posted by: winteridge | September 15, 2012

Tug Hill Camp


After many years of quiet enjoyment of our Tug Hill vacation home, we have finally decided to make it available for others who love the woods and wildlife and peace and quiet in a secluded area of Upstate New York.  We have contracted with  a major NY Realtor to market our property.  Give Pete a call if this is for you:  (I won’t add any photos, as Pete has a good selection)

Note: Just read in today’s paper about a major timber company buying up 24000 acres of Tug Hill.  You know they are not making any more real estate.  Get yours now while it is there. 



  1. here is a quick update, Nylandquest has sold half of our properties already, so if you are interested at all in some Tug Hill recreation land and/or camp, do not delay.

  2. And now the last of our properties has been sold. Farewell to Montague…we had some great times there.

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