Posted by: winteridge | November 30, 2012

Year of the Moose

This will be the final weekend of our 2012 Big Game season on Tug Hill, but I will not be able to be there, so I guess I can do my wrap-up now.Image

No, I did not harvest a buck, but it was probably a typical season for our PitcherHill group.  5 or 6 deer taken, 1 nice trophy buck (yes, I will add a photo for you).  The weather was mostly pleasant, some warm, some sun, some wind, some rain, some snow, some fog, pretty much a typical Fall season.  I managed to get in about 9 or 10 days at Winteridge camp…saw a lot of deer…does, fawns, and a couple of small bucks.  Nothing I wanted to put a tag on.  I even saw what I thought was a lion when it crossed my trail while I walked to my stand in the dark.  When I saw it later, it had turned into a very large yellow house cat, maybe from a neighbor.  Some of the guys did harvest some deer, so I got to take home a bit of venison…I enjoy a taste of steaks, some stew, maybe make up a batch of jerky.

In my older years, seems it is no longer about killing a deer…I have taken my share over the years.  I just enjoy being out there with nature, the smell of the balsams, the sunrise over the trees, the frost on the ferns, watching the deer unawares in their natural habitat, hearing the sudden explosion of gunshots in the distance.  I watched a coyote searching for mice in a field.  I watched a doe trying to wean her twin fawns…1 with a kick to the head.  I enjoy the companionship around the camp; retelling old hunting stories, telling new ones, enjoying those meals you don’t usually see at home, sitting over coffee after a morning hunt and a big satisfying breakfast.  I have been doing it for near 60 years now, and still look forward to the deer season with family and friends, even though I know that it means another winter is coming close behind.

I guess the high point of this deer season would be the visit of the bull moose, as they are seldom seen on The Tug.  This one passed thru near our camp during the night,posed for a trail camera, then found a welcome with a neighbor’s heifers, where he stayed a few days and allowed folks around to view and photograph him.  Unfortunately, I was not in camp that weekend…I have never seen a moose in the wild.  My brother Jim did get some photos though.

All in all, it was a satisfying hunt, and yes, I look forward to many, many, more.  Sometimes I think it is the anticipation more than the actual event, but I guess that is true with most things we do.





  1. All fall I see deer grazing in the (now uncut) lawns. Usually there are several. The most I’ve seen at once is seven. It’s a pleasure to watch them. My dogs watch them too, and never chase them. They tried once or twice, but stopped when they saw the deer run into the woods. This year I got a feeder lamb, with companion, and they and the deer were quite comfortable with each other. They stayed separate, but neither spooked the other. The dogs just watched them both.

  2. yes, I too enjoy watching them, but there are too many now on The Tug. I/we have never seen so many deer. And nearly every doe has 2 fawns and sometimes 3. I shudder to think what will happen if they should have an old fashioned “Black River Thaw’.

  3. I agree with you. The meat is a nice treat but it is no longer the focus of my hunting any more. you have some years on me but I already see the importance of the friendships, fresh air, exercise and in our case family.
    I did harvest the biggest buck in my 38 years of hunting and it came from one of the most difficult areas to hunt whitetails in the country.
    I also I consider the tent camp we set up in the Adirondacks one of the greatest traditions ever. Maybe my son will continue it to the next generation.
    Like you I could wirte book about all the cool sights I have seen while hunting and I should because it seems like there are too many to recall them all.

  4. maybe we should team up on a book. I agree the ‘dacks are some of the toughest deer hunting there. notice you never see any of the hunting shows trying to find a buck there?

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