Posted by: winteridge | January 18, 2013

Tug Hill Land For Sale

For those of you who may be looking for a place of your own away from the traffic and turmoil, our Tug Hill property is now for sale. A beautiful great camp overlooking our pond, and about 300 acres of land, mostly forested. If you are into hunting, fishing, snowmobiles, ATVs, or just a getaway, this is it. Check it out on our website at: .

SORRY, IT IS SOLD. (Update: see “regional” list below on the right.)

GO HERE for further info.

If you are interested, give us a call. My bud Pete @ NYLandquest has all the details at 1-315-269-3487 or Start building your own memories now. The years go by so fast…



  1. For every hunter owning a hunting land is best dream ever. A great deal of freedom and control comes with owning your own personal hunting land. If you buy the land, it is yours to control exclusively until you die or until you sell it. No one can take it away as long as you keep making the payments. It is a good investment for your money as well. However there several dowside when owning hunting land such as the amount of time and attention. Someone needs to patrol it, someone needs to work with the government on farm programs, someone needs to plant the food plots, someone needs to buy equipment and perform basic maintenance on the property, someone needs to work with timber buyers, etc.

  2. Thanks, Iowan. Could not have said it better. This would be a great property for a group of friends (or Band of Brothers, like us) to buy and share the memories. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. For those who are interested in owning a part of Tug Hill, but not such a large part, I am now offering up a portion of the property described above, 65.5 acres, the property just to the west of the camp, for $65000. Some reforested evergreens, some hardwoods, softwoods, stone fences, wetlands, with some great camp building sites. Contact me @ if this is your dream.

    • hey, some of my family lives in lowville, and i am interested in tug hill. but the property would have to be a peice that i can put up one of those martian looking windmills….. i would have to have the income to help me in retirement….. if this property isnt the peice do you know of any…. my brother would always come with me to take a look… thank you, jackie

      • You can’t “put up one of those martian looking windmills” yourself. You should get in touch with the windmill company and ask where they will be putting them. But they are already working with the current property owners, so the money advantage will already be built into the price of the land. You could look at their maps and try to guess where they will put them far enough into the future that they haven’t started to talk to the current owners yet, but that’s iffy too. Plus, anyone can try to find a pattern from past placements and weather patterns, and if I owned land that they might be interested in I would be doing the same calculations. Good luck.

  4. This land is in Town of Montague, and I know of at least 1 camp windmill there now. You would have to get Town permit, I believe. We are in process of engaging a new realtor and adjusting the prices, so if you are interested let me know soon. Thanks for looking.

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  6. I love my 100+ acres of Tug Hill, but I only bought it some 25 years ago, and I only had to give about $150.00 an acre! Wow. To the potential buyer who wants to make his own power: I have two personal windmills and two solar arrays, and it gives me all the power I need. Get in touch with Suntric in Lyons Falls. Even if you decide to do it yourself they would be a great resource for you. Town of Montague is funny about windmills. They kept out the big windmill folks that have put up so many of the big ones on The Hill. I live in Town of Martinsburg, and my taxes have gone down every year since those windmills went up, plus I get a payment from them every year even though I don’t have any on my property.
    For Anton Iha (comment above): I got through about a half dozen lines before I gave up? Is this an ad for your services, or what?

  7. Thanks, Barb, for your comment. You have the ideal situation, and I hope you can enjoy it for at least 25 more years. If you run into any friends or strangers who are looking for Tug Hill property, send them our way. We have had the Montague land for over 30 years, and hate to part with it, but we are all getting older, our circles get smaller, and the Harrisburg Winteridge property is more than we can handle part-time. Many good memories were made in Montague. I hope to write a book some day. We have now sold 3 of the 6 parcels, and our realtor at nylandquest is working hard on the others.
    not sure just what anton is selling…I get those in my spam file about once a month, and I decided to approve this one just for kicks.
    hope you are wintering well. I was on your road in October taking leaf photos, and thought to stop in, but my companion wanted to get back to the hunt. I told him you might have some bucks in your yard. See you in the Spring.

    • I wish you HAD stopped in. I’ve most always got deer grazing, but I’ve never seen a buck. All my friends see them all the time all over the countryside. Maybe my eyes just aren’t good enough.
      Last year I brought in a couple of lambs, one male and one female. They grazed with the deer, both groups keeping their distance, but clearly aware of each other. My dogs ignore the sheep, but keep an eye on the deer. It’s fascinating to watch them, because as the dogs edge closer, pretending they couldn’t care less about the deer, the deer edge closer to the trees, pretending they couldn’t care less about the dogs.
      This year I will have my last year’s ewe with her lamb (hopefully), and two more lambs, one for a friend and one for one of my sons. I should have done this years ago. That lamb is so tender and delicious, and lamb if you can find it in the stores is so expensive (around $6,7,8/lb) that I refuse to buy it.

  8. Maybe will see you in the spring. I often come up for a few days on my own-do some trout fishing or turkey hunting or just hike in the woods. I like late summer/early fall the best.
    I have never had lamb, but friends enjoy it. Nothing beats a nice venison tenderloin though!

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for the share..

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