Posted by: winteridge | January 25, 2013

Hello, Good Friend. Have some Spam?

I am, as always, puzzled at the growing practice of writing spam comments on wordpress blogs. Or do they even know they are on wordpress? I mean some of them are funny, some are ignorant, some are incoherent, but what do they gain from them? Many of them are obviously canned, using the same comments with various names and addresses. On most it is obvious that they have not read the blog they are commenting on; deriding me for using too many videos when I have never used a video, or demanding in broken english that I correct my language and punctuation. Or criticizing me because my site is not showing up properly on their blackberrry or nookberry or whatever, and why do I not fix this?  One is tempted to answer them and to try to show them the error of their ways, but to do so probably puts you on another of their lists.  Is there a point? Is there a purpose? Thankfully, WordPress does a fantastic job of filtering out this gibberish, but why is it even there?  Surely these people can make better use of their time and energy, and of their computers?



  1. Many of them are automated. The very repetitive ones are. Their goal is to get comments published that link to their website or the site they are trying to advertise. Links in, even junk links, help a site move up search engine rankings.

  2. and how is that I can have 19 spams on a blog on any day, but only 3 visitors? should they not read the post before commenting?

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