Posted by: winteridge | March 20, 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing…

tug hill snowI was just reading about the snowfall forecast for The Tug for the next couple of days:  18-30 inches on top of the foot or so they have so far this week.  And today is, yes, the first day of Spring.  All the snowmobilers love it, and if you live on Tug Hill, you enjoy it or live with it.  If you enjoy winter sports, it makes for a long season to enjoy…even last year they got SOME snow when no one else did.

I can recall one winter, probably it was 1977, when my brother and I spent a day snowmobiling on April 15!  And there was a lot of snow, with 6 foot banks on the roadsides.  It got a bit soft in the afternoon when the temp went up…a few muddy spots and open creeks.  Spring conditions, we always called it.  But Tug Hill is THE place to be for winter sports, when the snow often starts to arrive in October, and stays into April.  The old timers used to say The Tug had just two seasons: Snow Flies and Black Flies.  Some truth to that, though we usually get some nice weather in August thru October.  Usually.



  1. Here’s a first: I just read on Montague Inn facebook page that they are closed today. Yep, too much snow! They LIVE for snow!

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