Posted by: winteridge | June 12, 2013

Well, Gee Whiz

I just found and purchased on ebay a book on the history of Tug Hill’s long-forgotten railroad, the Glenfield & Western, fondly known as the ‘Ol Gee Whiz.  The G&W, though short-lived, moved most of the logs off the Tug, back in the day.  I never knew there was a book on it, so I had to have it.  Maybe the only copy.  More later, for those who are interested.



  1. Could you give a more complete reference? Maybe I could find it. Publisher, date and author, would help.

  2. I will have it in the mail any day now, with all the details.

  3. ok, here is a commentary on the problems of the US Postal Service. I purchased this item on ebay on June 10; delivered to USPS in Margaretville NY. On June 11 it showed at a USPS facility in Jersey City NJ; next it appeared on June 12 at another facility in Warrendale PA; expected delivery back in NY now is on or about 6/17. Almost as if they did not know where my zip is…it was already in NY! UPS would have had it here on June 11. At least it did not have to go thru Washington DC. Amazing!

  4. I did some searching on ebay for this book, and my only find is a bookseller listing for $124.00. Hmmm, maybe mine is for sale (after I read it)?

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