Posted by: winteridge | June 18, 2013

Sometimes…Life Sucks…

Feeling kind of blue today…just read that my ol’ Tug Hill high school bud Steve passed on. Steve was probably the closest thing to a friend I had in high school.  We both rode the bus to Lowville from The Tug, and being “outsiders” to the town kids, we stuck together.  We both enjoyed hunting, fishing, and outdoor stuff, and both were easygoing.  We drifted apart after school; I did 3 years in the army, then when I got out, he did his 3 years.  It was standard back then.  After that, though we both stayed in the area, and hunted and fished and camped on The Tug, we traveled in the same circles, but at different times, I guess.  Saw each other at a couple of class reunions and vowed to get together, but never did.

Then last fall, I saw an article in the Watertown paper about Steve and Linda’s 50th Anniversary, so I looked him up, and we talked for a while on the phone.  Seems we still had a lot in common, especially The Tug.  I had been foliage photographing just a couple miles from his camp the month before…never knew he was there.  He was not well, and I promised to visit them when I got back to Tug Hill this summer…waited too long.  I guess that is what I feel worst about.  Another on my growing pile of regrets.


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