The Beginning…

John, Ken, Lee about 1947

John, Ken, Lee about 1947

The Beginning

The Pitcher Hill Club was born in 1980, when six Northrup brothers pooled their meager resources and bought 300 acres of woodland and ponds that had once been the Garfield Pitcher farm, on the Pitcher Road in Montague, Tug Hill. In a way, this was a homecoming for us, returning to our roots. Our mother had grown up on a small farm just up the road, now woodland owned by New York State. We had grown up on a farm in Harrisburg, not far away. Our Dad had owned a hunting camp in this area, and all of us had roamed these woods all our lives. We learned from him how to hunt deer and rabbits, fish for trout, pick blueberries, and slap blackflies. We also learned from him to love this beautiful but harsh land.

For the past 25 years, we had done most of our deer hunting on state lands in the Adirondacks, returning only occasionally to the Tug for a hunt. Deer were more plentiful in the Adirondacks, but so were the hunters, and we longed for a camp and lands we could call our own. A place where we could get together with family and friends we enjoyed, and do the things we enjoyed. It was time to come home to Pitcher Hill.

We bought the land, built a couple of camps, and began a new era. What I wish to share with you here are excerpts from our camp log, duly jotted down over the years whenever we thought of it. This is not a how-to book on hunting whitetail deer. This will not teach you how to bag a trophy buck every year. But hopefully you will enjoy our adventures, get a feel for our love of deer hunting and Tug Hill, the land we call “The Tug”.


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