Posted by: winteridge | December 29, 2013

Remembering Dall Deweese

For those who were interested in my ongoing Deweese knife story, I finally decided to create one of my own.  I found on ebay a beautiful hand-forged Damascus blade in a similar design.  To this I decided to add handles from one of my whitetail deer antlers.  I quickly discovered that few antlers in my collection were large enough for this, but I found a couple.  After much trial and error, and a few ruined antler slabs, I believe I am nearly there.  It is still a work in progress…maybe it will be ready for next deer season.  It is kind of fun, though, and like most projects, it would be easier done with the proper tools and a bit of knowhow.  I have neither, so I learn the hard way.  I will probably show off the finished project when it is done to my satisfaction, but here is an idea of how it will look:




  1. Where do you get the blades from?

  2. Purchased on Ebay from SnakeRiverKnives, in Snake River, Idaho. Forged by Grand Leavitt in USA. Not an import, as most blades are now.

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