Posted by: winteridge | November 17, 2010

End of The Hunt

deer at sunset

The news this week from Tug Hill is the Central New York hunter, 79 years old,  who apparently got lost on The Tug (not far from our camp), and was found dead, possibly from hypothermia.  I did not know him.  My sympathies to his family and friends.

I’m sure he did not head for the North Woods with that in mind, but it is not a bad way to go, if one is a hunter.  One last hunt, out there with nature and trees and wildlife and the fresh smell of evergreens.  It would beat spending your last days on your back in a nursing home, stuffed full of tubes and needles and wires and surrounded by beeping electronic machines.

Well, enough with depressing ideas for today.  I guess we do not really have a choice of how we go out, but his way does have some appeal to me as a hunter and lover of the outdoors.  Not quite yet, though.  I just invested in a lifetime hunting license last year, and I need to get my money’s worth.



  1. I have to agree. This would be my choice to leave myself. Last pictures in my mind would be in the woods alone with god.

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